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Friday, February 17, 2012

"Step Back" by TheGuitahHeroe Album Review

"There are far too many stories to be told / But you don't want to listen / Your stone wall I can't break through / So tell me why I should even try"

TheGuitahHeroe, "I'll Fly Away (ft. Jordan Wynne)"

Step Back is a free 6-track EP by independent Electronica artist Jamison "TheGuitahHeroe" Randall, who uses the album to investigate his own style of the popular genre dubstep. He's not only a dubstep DJ, he also has released house and trance tracks, as well as a lot of high quality video game remixes. If you want to hear the rest of his awesome music, go check out his Youtube channelStep Back is pretty basic in it's approach as it really seamlessly blends trance and dubstep sounds. It really is made for the dubstep crowd, but if you like trance-like music, you'll probably find something you like on here. 

The album starts with "Watch Where You're Going", which ups and kicks you right in the face, leaving behind long intro builds and just attacking right away with a trance drop. This song has a very trance-like intro, until the real drop lays into you with some gigantic wubs that will do very well at rattling your subwoofers. "Chip Monster" is the song that I hear everyone raving about, which really builds up to a massive yet reserved wobble bass that counters a beautiful synth lead that just weaves in and out of the song. "My Fax Machine Is Broken (What In The Hell)" is another song that fakes you out a little, with a very long, drawn out trance intro and a fake drop before what is arguably the weirdest wobble bass on the EP drops in and just massacres it. It's amazingly glitchy yet smooth. 

Really, that's a good way to describe the entire album. It's really heavy and glitchy with its wubs, but it stills sounds clear and shiny. Another good example is "Epicenter" which boasts probably the biggest bass sound on the album, which just attacks you from the start and doesn't let up, with great little chiptune and trance-like riffs interspersed throughout. "I'll Fly Away" features some beautiful vocal work by Jordan Wynne, who's trance-y vocals accentuate the wobbles really well. But if you don't like dubstep, but like trance, you'll probably enjoy "Just Lose" better, which doesn't have any real dubstep in it, but more of a really fun trance song with glitched sampled vocals over it. 

In conclusion, TGH's little EP, a celebration of 1000 subscribers on Youtube (if I have my facts straight), is a nice little gem in the rough. Maybe not as polished as some popular stuff, but very good sounding for an amateur (even though it hurts a bit to say that about this excellent album). If you don't like the really in-your-face brostep of guys like Skrillex, this is a good alternative.

TheGuitahHeroe, Step Back: 8/10

Favorite Tracks: "Epicenter", "Chip Monster", "Just Lose"

Least Favorite: ... do I have to pick?

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